How to Order NIKEiD in Australia

Unofficial guide to ordering NIKEiD

Paying for NIKEiD in Australia

Basically making an order and paying for it via the NIKEiD USA website has either failed or you are aware they won’t take your NON-USA issued credit card and have decided to look at alternate methods. Our guides once you have shared your completed design will allow you to order your very own custom NIKE shoes and deliver them to Australia.

Please go through the share guide, this will allow you to order NIKEiD in Australia.

NIKEiD Shipping to Australia

You won’t be using a parcel forwarding company because they are actually banned and NIKE will not ship to them at all. Some parcel forwarding companies will end up telling you a couple days later that they can’t purchase your order.

If you have shared your completed design of your shoes, clothing or equipment they will make it possible for you to make the order and get NIKEiD shipping to Australia.

Ordering Costs

The costs involved

The costs of purchasing any type of customized NIKEiD product, whether it being shoes, clothing or equipment will depend on what product you want. The prices very product to product so take that into consideration. Then you gotta to add all this other fees and costs you might not be aware of.

Below we will demonstrate how much it would costs any person living in the USA, Texas to be exact:

This man wants to order a pair of NIKE Free Run 2, which the costs advertised on the NIKEiD website is $135. Now lets run through it with the most basic of costs

  • Nike Free Run 2 iD = $135 USD
  • US Sales Tax at 8.25% = $11.14 USD
  • US Ground Shipping = $12 USD
  • TOTAL: $158.14 USD

The above demonstrates the costs for a person living in the United States of America and have a Credit Card to make the order, but you live in Australia and want to be able to order NIKEiD too?

If that’s the case, you need to think about other processing fees outline below. Then once you add those up the prices will go up obviously, then you need to have someone to check the item, pack it and then send it to Australia for you. What about the materials used to repack the box, printing shipping labels, tape and obviously the time someone would need to do this and then go to the local post office to send it to you.

Our guides will basically do all this for you and give you a quote which includes all these fees and charges as well as a service fee at the best possible price.