Sharing your NIKEiD design

Unofficial Guide to Emailing Your NIKEiD Design

Have you design your custom sneakers

Before you can actually share your completed NIKEiD design you will have to actually make it on the NIKEiD USA website. Please read the detailed guide on how you would design your own customized shoes on the design page. Before you share the design ensure its completed, and this means entering your colours, materials, personal iD and size to the design!

Guide summary

This guide will give you instructions on how you should share your design to the team who can then order your custom NIKE shoes and deliver them to Australia at the best possible price.

Sharing Your Completed Design

Ensure steps are all completed

When going through the design wizard on the NIKEiD website, ensure all steps are completed so everything can be seen for order. You should also include your size in the options and it would specify what has been completed, see screenshots below.

Failing to complete the design will delay orders or even result with incorrect orders.

Please ensure you ONLY proceed with the next steps to share the NIKE design when you have completed the design.

Find the email button

Locating the email function

The email button will vary depending on which website and device you are on as it changes. Once you have located the email button just like the screenshot below you can click on it to bring a form you will need to fill out, this is shown on next step.

How to add your details

Enter your details

You will need to fill this form out, filling this form out will basically email yourself the completed design. Ensure the TO email is your personal email, once you get the email you will be able to see your completed design. You will be able to see all the colour, materials and size you have entered for your custom shoes, clothing or equipment.

Sending the email directly will NOT work because it is sent from a “NO REPLY” email address.

Send us the email

Forwarding the email

Once you are happy with your design and have got the email in your inbox, you can now forward the email to the following email which you will get a reply with further instructions. Without forwarding the email noone can see or email you how you can purchase NIKEiD in Australia.

Please forward the email to: [email protected]

Due to the amount of email software available we can’t provide screenshots on this, but please look for the FORWARD button on your email client. In most cases located on the top left.

Completed Sharing

Finished designing and sharing it

Completed sharing your design? Expect a response with instructions on what you need to do to make an order of the design you have just shared. Please ensure you have used the correct email on the FROM field and check your email for a reply.

NOTE: Email replies will vary on the time you have shared the NIKEiD design, but can be sent within 5 minutes. Please allow us up to 24 hours though.

Ordering NIKEiD in Australia

For more information regarding ordering NIKEiD in Australia please check our order page which goes into detail about costs and fees that may be involved.

Ordering Guide