NIKEiD Shipping to Australia

How Shipping Works Using Our Guides

What services are provided

When you order any NIKEiD product, they are made to order and time frames can depend on the product, colour and materials you have chosen. From our experience we can see it take about 4-5 weeks from when an order is confirmed by NIKE.

Shipping to Australia is basically done via Australia Post and is most likely sent using Registered Post to ensure parcels are tracked. If noone is able to sign for the item you would be left with a card to pickup at your local post office.

How long does it take

The time frame for shipping should be a 2-3 business day turn around in CBD and metro areas, rural and country can take 4-5 business days. This is only for shipping the item once it arrives though. If you include the creation process by NIKEiD and shipping its usually a 6-7 weeks to arrive to your door. These time frames are all estimated time only.

I need it quick

You have options to express ship the package from the USA to Australia, the costs will depends on the amount of NIKEiD designs your are looking to order. This will only speed up the shipping, the creation process can’t be fast tracked .

The Shipping Fees

How much to deliver NIKEiD to Australia

It depends on how many shoes you are ordering, the more you order the heavier and more space it would take. Calculations are done by the volumetric weight of the whole package for delivery. In most cases where a single shoe is sent prices range from $50-$55 AUD, but you will again need contact us regarding the exact prices.

Express shipping fee

Need it quick? Then shipping it express would help but there is additional costs to the standard fee, again you will need to check the shipping fees given by the quote.

Tracking shipping

How to track your order

In most cases when an item has been sent for delivery you would be emailed with a tracking number, please check the AusPost website using the number given.